How to Add texture to 3D objects with OpenGL for C++

By now, you should know a few of the basics of programming with OpenGL and GLUT for C++ developing, like shapes, transformations, timers, and colors. Now it's time for lighting. Everything could look right in your 3D program or game, but if you're lighting isn't right, it's a sad world for all of us. This video lesson will show you how to add lighting to 3D scenes with OpenGL for C++, so you can start making your own 3D programs.

Add textures so that you can paint images on 3D polygons. A lot of the time, we'll want to put pictures, or "textures", on our 3D polygons, instead of just color. There are two main reasons for this. The first one is more obvious; we might want to give the shape some detailed appearance. For example, it's much easier to make a person's face if we take a picture of a face and apply the texture to a few polygons in the face, than if we have a million tiny colored faces. The second reason is that we might want to approximate the lit appearance of some small feature, without adding tons of polygons

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Add texture to 3D objects with OpenGL for C++

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